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Meriden Public Schools Reopening Plan Fall 2020

Meriden Public Schools Reopening Plan

View Dr. Benigni's interview with Meriden health officials about school reopening.

Meriden Public Schools Reopening Plan - Updated August 5, 2020

Food Services for Distance Learning Students

Meriden Public Schools Reopening Plan - July 24, 2020 - The Connecticut State Department of Education issued fall 2020 Reopening Guidance that had all students and staff back in school for in-person learning.  This decision for in-person instruction was to occur as long as public health data supported this model.  The MPS plan addressed the state’s requirements and laid out our plan for a successful fall 2020 reopening.  Dr. Benigni discussed highlights of the plan below,  however the state has provided greater flexibility to districts so please review updated plans. 

 The state required all school districts to submit a Reopening Plan by July 24, 2020 that had all students returning to school for full-time instruction in the fall, and allowed for students and parents to choose not to participate based upon individual considerations.  These families were offered a distance learning option.  The guidelines of the plan prioritized the gathering of information from families so that we can properly prepare for resuming classes in the fall.  Our Back-to-School Survey due on August 12, 2020 is the data we will use to create student cohorts for opening day.

 Please feel free to review the Meriden Public Schools Reopening Plan.  You may also choose to review the Connecticut State Department of Education document, Adapt, Advance, Achieve: Connecticut’s Plan to Learn and Grow Together. 

Families who choose distance learning will be provided additional information in the coming weeks.

 We know this is a difficult decision for you and want to be sure you have the information needed to make the best decision for your child and your family. As we all know, this is a very fluid situation and health data will continue to guide our efforts.

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After you review the documents, if you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to:
Director of School Leadership, Elementary - Daniel Crispino
Director of School Leadership, Secondary - Susan Perrone

COVID-19Liaison Health and Safety Compliance Liaison: Michael Grove, Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Operations.  

Thank you again for choosing the Meriden Public Schools for your child.

Meriden Public School Building Safety Measures

Air Filtration

  • Purchased air purifiers for all nurses’ offices
  • Changed all air filters
  • Hired Fuss & O’Neill to perform system inspections with our staff
  • Utilized Connecticut Temperature Controls to ensure that fresh air flow is maximized


  • All desks facing forward
  • Remove extra furniture to allow for distancing
  • Class size limits
  • Hand sanitizer in all classrooms
  • Classroom doors will be kept open to minimize touchpoints
  • Student supplies will be individualized when possible
  • All classrooms will have disinfectant available
  • Plexiglass shields ordered for teacher desks


  • Directional signage for foot traffic
  • Water fountains will be turned off (students encouraged to bring personal water bottles)


  • Capacity of cafeteria will be reduced by 50%
  • Students will be able to socially distance
  • Gymnasium space and outside options will be utilized


  • All sinks will have soap and paper towels
  • Hand dryers will be disconnected

CSDE Reopening FAQs

Meriden Department of Health and Human Services School Health Protocols 2020-21

Community Conversation Around School Reopening - July 22, 2020 at Noon

Distance Learning Fall 2020 - BOE Meeting July 21, 2020