Meriden Public Schools

Board of Education

Board of Ed Photo Collage

Our Mission

We will provide all students with educational opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to lead productive and self-sustaining lives in a democratic, multicultural society.


"Success for all students" requires the vision to prepare students for whatever the twenty-first century may have in store. As its student community grows in its diversity, so does the world in which they will live. The Board of Education will look to past successes and build upon a solid foundation of academic achievement to produce the program initiatives necessary for students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. To that end, the Board had developed the following goals:

  1. To meet high expectations for academic achievement for all students to prepare them for productive and self-sustaining adult life, continuing education and responsible citizenship in a democratic, multicultural society.
  2. To meet the fundamental needs of all learners by providing a safe and disciplined environment conducive to learning.
  3. To meet high standards for the performance of teachers and administrators leading to improved student learning.
  4. To focus resources effectively, efficiently and equitably to ensure that all students achieve at high levels sufficient to enable them to lead productive and self-sustaining lives.
  5. To increase the direct involvement of all citizens in public education.

The Board of Education is charged with the task of monitoring the Meriden Public Schools’ progress in reaching these goals and with implementing changes to its mission statement and goals to most appropriately reflect the needs of its students.