Meriden Public Schools

Community Involvement

In an effort to communicate information about the Meriden Public Schools to the community and invite community discussion of and suggestions regarding important educational policies, the Board of Education has implemented the following goals:

  1. To develop citizen understanding of the school system in every aspect of its operation;
  2. To develop citizen understanding of the need for adequate financial support for a sound educational program;
  3. To earn the good will, respect and confidence of the citizenry in the personnel employed in and the services provided by the school system;
  4. To promote a genuine spirit of cooperation between the Board of Education and the community in sharing leadership for the improvement of the community.

The Board of Education recognizes that community involvement in the board and the Meriden Public Schools may take many forms. Citizens may become involved in the board’s decision making process by attending board meetings and expressing ideas, concerns and judgments about the schools through written suggestions, responses to surveys or during the "Petitions and Comments" segment of Board of Education meetings.

The board recognizes that one of the most important resources available to the schools is the people of the community. Participating in the board’s volunteer programs throughout the district is a challenging and rewarding way to become involved with the Meriden Public Schools. For further information on volunteering, please contact Shirley Couturier, coordinator of volunteers, at (203) 634-7985.

The Board of Education believes that the public schools are an integral part of the community and, therefore, the board encourages the public use of school facilities including auditoriums, cafeterias, library media centers, classrooms and athletic facilities. The Board of Education has, in recent years, hosted the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at Platt High School and houses the Meriden YWCA’s before and after school day care program at several elementary schools in the district. Each school keeps its own calendar of events and availability. Authorization for the use of school facilities is granted by the Superintendent of Schools through the Office of Adult, Career and Vocational Education. Authorization by the Superintendent is not considered an endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization, nor the purposes it represents, and the Board of Education or the Superintendent may deny such use when it appears not to be in the public interest.

The tennis courts and tracks at Maloney and Platt are available for community use daily from dawn to dusk with the exception of times when the tracks/tennis courts are being utilized for school activities.

Community agencies and organizations can also get the Meriden Public Schools involved in their activities through printed announcements and advertisements. Organizations wishing to distribute flyers and/or other informational materials in the schools must submit an application form with the Office of the Associate Superintendent and receive the written approval of that office. Organizations with educational programs to present to the students in the Meriden Public Schools should contact the Office of the Superintendent for approval.