Meriden Public Schools

Curriculum & Instructional Technology

Karen Kaczor  |  Secretary

22 Liberty Street  |  203-630-4202

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Technology is responsible for supporting the curricula and technology needs of the district. Working closely with the Supervisors of Blended Learning, Curriculum and Accountability, and Instruction and Learning as well as the Information Technology Manager this department works to effectively develop rigorous curricula for all students and ways to use technology to enhance the learning experience. Staff and students integrate the use of technology across the curriculum in ways that increase student engagement, promotes collaboration, allows for timely feedback, and provides opportunities for anytime/anywhere learning. If we are to truly prepare students for college and careers, it is imperative we infuse technology into all content areas.

Blended Learning

Susan Moore  |  Supervisor of Blended Learning 

22 Liberty Street | 203-630-4193
The Supervisor of Blended Learning is responsible for supporting blended learning models to enhance student-centered learning in the Meriden Public Schools. Blended learning leverages technology to increase student access to content and supports communication, collaboration and creativity. Technology Integration Specialists work with teachers and students to support blended-learning environments by strengthening technology skills and enhancing learning through improved integration of technology.

Curriculum & Accountability

Susan Perrone  |  Director of School Leadership, Secondary
22 Liberty Street  |  203-630-4188

The Director of School Leadership coaches and supports secondary administrators in goal setting, planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of action plans to guide school leaders in meeting instructional leadership objectives and performance targets.  She provides feedback on successful leadership practices, such as effective management of instructional staff, the use of data, and the establishment of school culture.  Working with the school administrators, the Director of School Leadership builds the instructional capacity of secondary administrators with a particular focus on instruction, data analysis, aligned interventions, community, and culture.