Meriden Public Schools

Portrait of a Graduate

Today’s students need to be ready to tackle complex and evolving challenges as they move into adulthood. The Meriden Portrait of a Graduate is a commitment to all students that identifies the attributes, knowledge, and skills needed to be successful after high school.

  • I am a learner

    • Master fundamental skills in core subject areas
    • Direct your own learning
    • Identify and develop the knowledge necessary for life and career goals
    • Demonstrate perseverance
    • Take risks to advance learning
  • I am a thinker

    • Critical thinking
    • Creative problem solving
    • Independent thinking
    • Responsible and accountable
    • Curious and lifelong learner
  • I am an advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    • Be respectful of other cultures and experiences
    • Work well in multi-cultural settings
    • Embrace diversity in school and community
    • Show empathy for others
    • Use voice to advocate for self and others
  • I am a collaborator

    • Communicate effectively
    • Build and maintain healthy relationships
    • Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Actively participate in the community
  • I am prepared for life after high school

    • Demonstrate financial literacy
    • Manage time effectively
    • Complete the steps of the job-seeking process
    • Possess skills for success in work environment
    • Understand self and mental health
    • Able to set long-term goals and plan for achieving them

Creating the Portrait of a Graduate was a first step. We now need to construct learning experiences–in school and in the community–that will allow all students to develop these competencies and ensure access to those opportunities is equitable and available to all students.

We invite you to join us by being a part of our conversations to create these opportunities and make sure they are available for all.

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