Meriden Public Schools

I'm Charged Initiative Criteria

The Meriden Public Schools in engaged in a digital transformation that supports student-centered learning.  Staff and students are encouraged to Take Charge of your Learning. Innovative teachers are recognized through the I'm Charged! initiative and embody the concepts of student centered learning by:

Plugged In


Fully Charged

  • Engaging in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning
    • webinars
    • workshops
    • books
    • MOOCs
    • 1:1 session with Technology Integration Specialist
  • Effectively utilizing multiple grouping strategies
    • groups are flexible based on the learning activity
    • desks are arranged to allow for student collaboration
  • Leveraging technology to communicate with students and parents
    • Remind
    • Twitter
    • Digital announcements
    • Other
  • Contributing to the MPS learning community by sharing best practices with colleagues
    • blog post
    • Meriden Teachers Sharing Success
    • mentor teachers
    • presentation at department, faculty meeting
    • lead a workshop
  • Using classroom space creatively to create engaging learning environments
    • flexible arrangements
    • student mobility
  • Assessing student progress using digital tools for timely feedback and to inform instruction
    • Adjusts instruction based on student performance or data
  • Effectively integrates digital content in the classroom environment
    • ST Math
    • Imagine Learning
    • Discovery Education Techbook
    • Moby Max
    • myON
    • other
  • Providing opportunities for students to deepen their understanding outside of the classroom
    • online content
    • digital field trip
    • social media interactions
    • other
  • Allowing students to demonstrate mastery in multiple ways
    • menus
    • project based learning
    • student choice
  • Using technology to provide meaningful learning experiences for students
    • student-led learning opportunities
    • student collaboration
    • student choice
    • flexibility in learning path, pace, place and time
  • Creating digital content
    • teacher created videos
    • audio conferences
    • adaptive assessments
    • other

These are only examples of how a teacher may demonstrate participation.