Meriden Public Schools

Community Use of School Buildings

Public school facilities are community resources. The Board encourages their use for family, educational, civic, recreational, or charitable activities and events. Therefore, when schools are not in regular use for school activities, they are available to local organizations and groups.

Applications for use are processed through the school principal and the Supervisor of Adult & Continuing Education who coordinates all such use.

Application is made through the office of the specific school principal except for the use of playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, and school sites during the period from July 1 to August 31. During this period, application is made to the Department of Parks and Recreation of the City of Meriden.

Requests must be made and confirmed at least three weeks prior to the time when the facility is to be used. Reservations are tentative until agreement forms are completed. The school principal will provide information regarding rental costs and the necessary supervisory and custodial staff. A Guide to the Use of Board of Education Facilities has been prepared to inform community members about the use of school facilities. It is available at all schools.