Meriden Public Schools

Integrated Pest Management

The Meriden Public School system places your child's safety above all else in operating its school facilities. In compliance with State law, the Meriden Public School system actively practices an Integrated Pest Management program. The law requires that the school system develop a registry of parents and staff that would like notification prior to application of a pesticide on school property. Meriden's Integrated Pest Management program entails some of the following procedures:

  1. Buildings are visually inspected on a regular basis to determine if any infestation exists and to eliminate any condition that might be conducive to breeding or attracting of pests.
  2. Corrective actions are taken immediately when there is a potential concern.
  3. Non-toxic solutions are utilized as a first course of action to abate any pest problem.
  4. When toxic measures (pesticides) must be used, the least toxic available product is utilized.
  5. Chemical treatment is only performed by State licensed applicators.
  6. Treatments, when necessary, are done during non-school hours.

Parents wishing to be placed on the school notification registry should indicate so by registering in their child's school office.