Meriden Public Schools

Leadership Levers: Your Path to Greater Success

Mark D. Benigni, Ed.D., Superintendent

  • Compassion and Empathy
    • These leaders are admired for their natural ability to place themselves in another's position and exhibit genuine care and concern.
  • Content and Curriculum
    • These leaders are respected for their great grasp of grade level standards and course objectives.
  • Charisma and Influence
    • These leaders are revered for their ability to inspire and lead without visible effort or calculated plans.
  • Climate and Culture
    • These leaders are cherished for their natural ability to create an atmosphere where students, staff and families want to be.
  • Community Connections
    • These leaders are believed in because of their ability to get all stakeholders involved and invested in the school community.
  • Creative and Cost Effective
    • These leaders are valued for their ability to innovate and create a safe environment for risk taking, despite limited resources.
  • Candor and Calm
    • These leaders are followed because team members can always count on honest feedback, positive guidance, and a stable work environment.
  • Curiosity and Challenge
    • These leaders are embraced for their ability to see things from multiple viewpoints and for creating an environment where all members are held accountable to high standards.