Professional Learning Communities (PLC) / Data Teams

"It's more important than ever that educators collaborate to continually improve and support the success of each learner." - Dr. Gene Carter, Retired ASCD Executive Director

The Meriden Public Schools understands the value of providing collaborative time for teachers to discuss, assess and analyze student work to improve instruction and student outcomes.  These Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) allow educators in the same grade level and/or department to share their expertise to improve teaching and learning.  In Meriden, this adult collaboration is key to strengthening our overall practice and help students achieve at higher levels.  We believe teachers learn best from teachers, therefore, our Professional Learning Communities process promotes team interdependence and professional capacity building at all levels. 

To sustain the important work of the PLC/Data Team process in the Meriden Public Schools, the Systems and Operations Subgroup of the District Leadership Team meets regularly to develop protocols, assess feedback from educators across the district, and modify the district plan for the PLC/Data Team process. The success of effective PLC Data Teams is dependent on the inclusion of diverse perspectives on the System and Operations subgroup.  Members represent broad disciplines, grade levels, and bargaining units.  This ensures various perspectives are considered when making district-wide recommendations.

When executed effectively, PLC/Data Teams are an important part of building capacity for our professional staff.  This, along with the emphasis on group quality, has the potential to catapult student achievement to the highest level in the Meriden Public Schools.  (Fullan, 2011)

Strategy Map For PLC Work

Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform - Michael Fullan


Meriden Professional Learning Communities are broken into levels corresponding to school needs.

1.  School Leadership Teams

           - Administrators and educator leaders at the building level

2.  Instructional Data Teams

          -Subject Area Departments at the secondary level

          -Grade Level Teams at the elementary level

3.  School Wide Committees

          -Climate and Culture

          -Systems and Operations

          -Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

          -Talent Development


Links to important documents and resources that assist with our Professional Learning Communities' work in the Meriden Public Schools

1  Professional Learning Community Template

Professional Learning Community Look For Template

Professional Learning Community Look For Exemplar

4  Instructional Data Team Self-Assessment Rubric

Professional Learning Community Self-Assessment Summary Form

Professional Learning Community Expectations

7 School Leadership Team Self Assessment

School-Wide Committee Reporting Form

2018-2019 Professional Learning Communities Calendar

10 SIP Template

11. SIP Development Tool and Rubric

12 PLC Alignment Flow Chart - Elementary School

13 PLC Alignment Flow Chart - Middle School

14 Keys to Fidelity of PLCs

Resource Training Videos and Protocols


For more information or assistance on our Professional Learning Communities, please contact Miguel A. Cardona, Ed.D. at