Meriden Public Schools

Family Involvement

Considerable experience and related evidence indicates that meaningful involvement of parents, guardians and other care givers in the schooling of children improves the quality of education significantly. The Board of Education believes that closer connections between parents and others responsible for the home care of children with our schools can result in enhanced academic performance, improved behavior and reduced absenteeism. Therefore, all parents, guardians and care givers of students enrolled in our school district are encouraged to take an active role in the education of their children.

Further, the Board of Education, professional staff and parents, working in partnership, must take whatever steps are necessary to facilitate a broad variety of opportunities for parents to connect frequently with the schools in which their children are enrolled, and with the overall system. These steps should include the following:

  • parenting skills shall be promoted and supported;
  • communication between home and school shall be regular, two-way and meaningful;
  • parents shall play an integral role in assisting student learning;
  • parents shall be welcome in every school and their support and assistance sought;
  • parent input shall be sought regarding decisions that affect children and families; and
  • community resources shall be made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning.

Family members are also encouraged to participate in the Parent Teacher Organizations within their children's schools. For additional information, please contact the school office or a member of the Citywide Parent Teacher Association.