Approved Apps/Software

The following is a list of software that meets the State of Connecticut data privacy and security requirements of PA 16-189 and can be used with students. More information about these vendors may be found on the MPS Student Data Privacy page.

   Can be used under 13?
Actively Learn yes
Art Rich n/a
AUP Online (Lersun Development) yes
Charms yes, with parental consent
Chrome Music Lab yes
Decision Ed n/a
Discover Video (HB Communciations) no
Discovery Education yes yes, with parental consent
Edmodo yes, with parental consent
EdPuzzle yes, with parental consent
Edublogs yes, with parental consent
FamilyID n/a
Florida Virtual Schools n/a
FPV Freerider yes
Geogebra no
Houghton Mifflin yes
Imagine Learning yes
Legend of Learning yes
McGraw HIll Education yes
MIND Research Institute (ST Math) yes
MobyMax yes
Music First/Soundation yes, with parental consent
myON yes
National Geographic Bee yes, with parental consent
Newsela yes
No Red Ink yes, with parental consent
Odysseyware no

Cannot create an account, but can use
services that do not require an account

Padlet  Can post to, but not create padlets
Pearson Realize (Digital Content) yes
Piktochart  no
Reading Plus  yes
ReCap  yes, with parental consent
Renaissance Place  yes
School Messenger (West)  n/a
Storybird  yes, if no student profile is created  yes
WeVideo  yes, with parental consent

 If the app or website you would like to use is not listed, you can self review the software to determine if it meets the requirement of PA -189 by using our Technology Review Form.   Only software that meets PA-189 requirements should be used with students. 

More approved apps/websites can be found at the State of Connecticut Educational Software Hub. (Users new to the site need to create an account.)