Superintendent's Vision

  • Believe, Together We Can
  • Believe that the single most important resource in any school is the individual teacher in the classroom.
  • Believe in the collective capacity of our organization to succeed.
  • Believe in teaching all students 21st Century Skills
  • Believe in developing leadership capacities at all levels and let's not limit our dreams.
  • Believe that positive change will bring positive results and let's not be afraid to fail.
  • Believe in the richness of diversity and let's have culturally responsive schools.
  • Believe that families are essential partners with us n the success of our students.
  • Believe that humor and enjoyment have a place in our schools.
  • Believe that there are no ordinary times, and we will be challenged as never before.
  • Believe that all decisions are predicated on the "student first, " and that we are all creating schools that students want to attend.

Perceptions from a Community College President, Jonathan M.  Daube, Ed. D.

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