High Schools of Tomorrow

The new Meriden High Schools will be designed, implemented, and maintained to serve as the up-to-date, reliable, equitable platform for learning, service delivery, and administrative systems. Technology will be appropriately accessible in ways that:

  • Provide Powerful Tools to Augment Excellent Teaching
  • Stimulate and Motivate Greater Interest in Sustained Learning
  • Facilitate Significant Increases in the Quality and Quantity of Learning Experiences
  • Minimize Disabilities, Disadvantages, and the Barriers of Time and Distance
  • Increase Understanding, Enhance Creativity, Enrich Appreciation, Broaden Outlooks, Expand Opportunities, and Equip Students to more Effectively Pursue Worthwhile Personal and Community Goals throughout their Lives

The renovations to Maloney include complete facelifts to the inside and outside of the building, as well as the construction of a new classroom wing. There will also be numerous landscape improvements.

The renovations will include a silver exterior at the corner of Coe Avenue and Oregon Road, as well as brick. The silver coincides with Meriden’s nickname of the “Silver City” and the brick resembles the mountains and “Hanging Hills” surrounding Meriden.