Pupil Personnel Programs

Donna Adduci Mik - Director of Pupil Personnel Programs

Amy Hall - Supervisor of Special Education

David Gollsneider - Supervisor of Special Education

Patricia Sullivan-Kowalski - Supervisor of Special Education

Gustavo Viteri -
Supervisor of Special Education


In accordance with board policy and consistent with state and federal statutes, the Office of Pupil Personnel Programs is responsible for the administration and supervision of programs for exceptional children and supportive services for all students in the Meriden Public Schools. The Office of Pupil Personnel Programs screens and evaluates all children over age three who are referred for special services and recommends appropriate planned programs of study that will benefit the referred student. Yearly reviews of students’ progress are also coordinated through this office.

Pupil Personnel Programs also runs the Meriden Public Schools’ Gifted and Talented programs which include extracurricular enhancement courses in areas such as technology, the arts and hobbies. This office also supervises the Venture Therapeutic Day School, an alternative educational program for middle and high school students.