Grade 2

In Grade 2, your child will continue to build important reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  They will think, talk, and write about what they read in a variety of texts, such as stories, books, articles, and other sources of information including the Internet.  In their writing, students will learn how to develop a topic and strengthen their skills by editing and revising. 


Activities in these areas will include:

  • Reading stories including fables and folktales from different cultures, and identifying the lesson or moral of the story
  • Reading texts about history, social studies, or science and identifying the main idea
  • Answering who, what, why, where, when, and how questions about stories and books
  • Describing reasons that an author gives to support a point
  • Learning and using new words
  • Learning rules of spoken and written English
  • Participating in class discussions by listening and building on what others are saying
  • Describing in their own words information learned from articles or books read aloud
  • Working together to gather facts and information on a topic
  • Writing about a short series of events and describing actions, thoughts, and feelings
  • Writing about opinions on books using important details and examples to support a position  


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