Connecticut Core State Standards

STANDARDS… What are they?

  • Standards identify what students should "know and be able to do" at the end of each grade.

Why did Connecticut adopt the standards?

  • CCSS is aligned with college and work expectations in the 21st century
  • CCSS is informed by the education of top-performing countries

How will the new standards help our children?

  • The standards will prepare our children to succeed in a global economy/society
  • The standards will prepare our children to apply knowledge and actively solve problems
  • The standards provide our children with consistent focus on high levels in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and other subjects

Key Ideas in the English Language Arts and Literacy Standards


  • Read more complex texts with each grade level
  • Read a balance of fiction and non-fiction (informational) texts
  • Close reading to find evidence to answer questions
  • Learn the foundational skills of reading to be able to focus on comprehending texts across many subjects


  • Argument- taking a side on an issue using evidence from what was read
  • Explanatory- explaining a topic using evidence from what was said
  • Narrative- telling a story using literary devices


  • Research to build knowledge and present knowledge to others
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Opportunities to speak, question, and take part in discussions